The Serpent's Hand is a small, but formidable Group of interest. This group may be small but is very organized as they have breached security undetected on several occasions. Use of anomalous objects is confirmed in these breaches. This group is bent on:

  1. Entering a facility undetected.
  2. Steal any SCPs available.
  3. Embrace these SCPs as friends especially if they are humanoid and don't cause severe damage. The Serpent's Hand occasionally free them.

The Serpent's Hand does not have a friendly relationship to the Chaos Insurgency as they weaponize SCPs. The SH also has a very hostile relationship towards the Global Occult Coalition as the GOC destroys SCPs, something the SH dislikes the most. The number of SCP objects this group has in its posession is unknown, as is their level of technology and, their level of threat, and the number of members they have. That are to be treated as a high level threat until further information is disclosed.

Note: Only 4 Serpent's Hand agents have been documented, 3 encountered during a breach, and one theorized leader, known as "L.S". He has been responsible for two breaches himself.

Protocol: Serpent's Hand agents are to be treated as hostile. If an SH insurgent is present near a foundation site, Security Department Personnel and Mobile Task Force Nu-7 "Hammer down" Units are to proceed to the Main Gate and hold off the insurgents. Lethal force is advised and authorized. Any military personnel inside the facility such as ISD or IA , are to secure all entrances and patrol the hallways in case an insurgent has entered undetected. ScD personnel are to be relocated to a safe location and FPs are to remain idle in the cafeteria. All tests running are to be halted and the SCP involved is to be recontained as soon as possible. If an SH insurgent is captured they are to be interrogated, then administered Class-C amnestic and finally they are to be fed misinformation about their past and reclassified from a Class-E to a Class-D personnel.

Note: Don't let these bastards breach Security. I expect full lock down if one of these thieves are in the facility. Do not screw up, trust me. - O5-7

Note: Because Site-79 is now decommissioned, Serpent's Hand is no longer a join-able division. Site-79 is available again.

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