The Code Of EthicsEdit

The Ethics Commitee is a secondary department embedded in SCPF. Most personnel refer to the Ethics Commitee as a "joke" and becoming a commitee member is a "demotion".

This is not true. The Ethics Commitee is a board of personnel that solve common personnel problems. Such as arguments, and innapropriate usage of words when referring to a member of staff.

They also have strict rules based on the proper use of Class-D personnel. So, in order to make sure Class-D personnel are used properly, the Ethics Commitee has formed a "Code of Ethics" or, "CoE" for short.

The Code Of Ethics:

1: Class D are not to be killed after an experiment if it is possible for them to be transported back to their cell without putting the safety of the Site in danger. (This rule is usually followed. Most cases that are against this rule is when a Class-D has been infected with SCP-008.)

2: Class D are not to be killed for performing any non-violent action without receiving and acknowledging one verbal warning. (In some cases, Class-D's are terminated for speaking too much.)

3: Class D are not to be left unattended to die with a lethal SCP for any reason. (This rule is problematic, as it may be extremely difficult for Security personnel to remove Class-D personnel from a lethal SCP's containment without it breaching.)

4: Class D are not to be killed while in their cells, except if they exploit or rebel. (This rule is simple. Some Class-D personnel attempt to escape, but they are easily terminated.)

5: Class D are not to be killed while inside the Class D cell block without receiving and acknowledging one verbal warning. (Some Class-D personnel try telling the other Class-D personnel that they will die. This is not entirely true. However, this action can cause Class-D personnel to refuse to co-operate.)

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