The Chaos Insurgency, one of the most notorious Group of Interest [GoI], is a splinter group from the foundation. Most of its members consist of personnel who went AWOL. They formed this group on the principle of "Creating logic, out of illogic". This menacing group is bent on:

  1. Entering a foundation facility, in most cases it is by force although the insurgency can use sleeper agents and sabotage from the inside.
  2. Decontain and steal any SCPs they are able to.
  3. Misuse these SCPs in ways that will turn said SCPs into weapons.

Note: The Chaos insurgeny currently is in possession of over 300 anomalous objects.

Protocols: Should a Chaos Insurgent be present near a foundation site, Security Department Personnel and Mobile Task Force Nu-7 "Hammer down" Units are to proceed to the Main Gate and ward off the insurgents. Lethal force is advised and authorized. There have to be at least four(4) Insurgents for it to be considered a raid. If a raid occurs, it is to be dealt with swiftly and efficiently with as many security personnel as possible. The Internal Security Department is to deal with any suspected C.I. disguised as foundation personnel. If a Chaos Insurgent surrenders, he/she is to be interrogated then classified as Class-D personnel. If you join a server and there is an insurgent on the server alone, locate him, terminate, then report the the Main Gate to defend until more personnel arrive or the insurgent either leaves the server or surrenders as a Class-D personnel. Stay around the vicinity of the main gate in case the Insurgent returns. If HR members, like Mobile Task Force tounits, or RRTs, show up, ask them to check to see if all SCPs beyond your clearance level are contained. Only check ones you have clearance for.

Note: I can't stress this enough. If you are caught spawn-killing C.I. You will be repremanded - [REDACTED]

Incident Report 1-2: A lone C.I. On a server enters the facility and breaches SCP-173. SCP-173 Is later recontained. Revisions to protocol have moved SCP-173 from a Level-2 Clearance to a Level-4 Clearance.

Incident Report 2-2: An instance occurred when a C.I. Exploited the server causing site wide failure and forcing admin clearance members the manually reset all server operations.

Note: If the C.I. members, wether they be from rival SCPF groups or new users entirely, need to stop exploiting. If not we'll just have to eradicate the C.I. completely. - [REDACTED]