Item #: Site-7 ( Know known as SCP-0007) 

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A 10 mile perimeter shall be established around Site-7. 16 US military 1B Infantry teams are to patrol the outer edge of the perimeter and Mobile task force Nu-7 is to patrol the Inside area between the perimeter and Site-7.

Site-7 is permitted to be used as a site, but once work hours are over, the procedures above will be in effect.

Description: Site-7 is a normal Foundation site located in [REDACTED], Unites States. Other than its minor memetic and Cognitohazard it is unremarkable. Before Site-7's decommissioning, Site-7 was very active, other sites were abandoned with few signs of personnel active in them.  

When decommissioned, all other sites began to be active but a large portion of previously active personnel stopped being active. Ever since Site-7 was recommissioned, it's the only site personnel ever talk about and are ever on.  

Any attempts of convincing personnel to use other sites have been met with little to no regard and or dismissive behavior. 

Note: The most notable attempts to convince personnel to use other sites have been made by Daniel4222 and AtomicFartMushroom.

This is stupid. Site-7 is a classic. It shouldn't be made an SCP just because most foundation-changing decisions have been made here, and is popular. I have already requested the decommission of this SCP. -Dr. Logik

The problem isn't the popularity. It's the apparent obsession with this site. I personally want to head back to 61 or 97 every now and then, but it's boring because no one's on. Site-7 is literally the only place the Foundation gathers at these days, and I don't like it that way. This is part of the reason I'm so excited about heading up construction of Site-112. -Security Guard Atomic

Yes, I know. People do go to Site-7 often. But that's with every site. For example: Site-79 is built, it becomes the new Site-7. 61 is built, it becomes the new 7. 112 will be built, it becomes a light that us-the moths-are attracted to. That's the system we have here. People want new things. Hell, with this logic, 79 and 61 should be SCP's. That's the effect new sites have. The reason Site-7 is so attractive is because it has a lot of memories. The original site was built in 2010. 2010! This was popular then, and it's popular now. Do you understand? -Dr. Logik

I see...sadly I wasn't around to experience those memories. I admit, I've grown to quite like going there. Oh, and you missed us all gathering at Site-61 for a little while yesterday. It was fun. -Security Agent Atomic