Atomic, this a concept blueprint that I made in school, of course, and see if you get the idea I'm giving, it's kinda hard to read because I didn't have a skinny sharpie readily available.

The site is as dipicted below:



That is the outside area, sorry I did this on an iPad so it might not be the best quality, just open the images in a new tab


This is the enterance zone, the pic is upside down so imagin that the HID turrets is this continuation of the outside area. Again I advise you open the pic in a new tab.


This is the Light Containment Zone, again, open image in new tab


Again this pic is upside down ( it's so freakin annoying btw) so imagine that the part where the armory is , if you can see it, that is the top of the page, that is where the HCZ connects with LCZ.

Again open image in a new tab

I hope this gives you ideas atomic!!!!!! :)

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