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Item #: SCP-3012

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3012 is to be kept in a 10m x 10m x 15 m standard containment chamber with a standard Heavy Containment Zone Door.

Description: SCP-3012 appears to be a white doll with blue eyes, having a small cloth shirt over it body. It is unknown of what SCP-3012-4 appears as.

What makes SCP-3012 a SCP and clear threat is that any subject to come into contact Visual contact with SCP-3012, the doll seems to follow it's victim. The victim being followed is then stalked until eventual doom. If SCP-3012is viewed in the south direction, the subject who looked in that direction will always have that doll in that direction. If the subject looks in that direction, the doll will appear as SCP-3012-1, which appears to have tattered cloths and a busted eyelid. SCP-3012-2, which appears the second time the subject turns to face that direction, appears to have no left eye and a dented chest. SCP-3012-3 appears to have a "bloody" grin, no eyes, and has pale skin. SCP-3012's appearance is unknown due to the subject suddenly collapsing of a heart attack.

SCP-3012 always stays still when observed through video feed, so only a subject that comes into actual eye-contact experiences this sensation.

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