Item #: SCP-3006

Object Class: Keter

3D-graphics Clot blue smoke on a black background 100396

SCP-3006 during initial recovery.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3006 is to be kept in a 47' x 47' x 47' reinforced titanium alloy containment chamber. Gamma sensors are to be placed 2' apart from each other throughout the interior of the cell. Electrical wires are to line the walls including the floor and ceiling of the chamber to prevent SCP-3006 from causing a K-class senario. Any and all liquid, of any form, including liquified metals, are ne to come into contact with SCP-3006 is any way shape or form. Humidifiers are to be placed on the on all walls including the floor and ceiling.

Description: SCP-3006 is a large sentient cloud that will change its color according to the current situation it is in or its current mood. It has been observed, through testing, that SCP-3006 is capable of shaping itself at will to form a humanoid appearance and is capable of speech in any dialect of any time. SCP-3006 will display an extreme urge to consume any and all things present, mostly in liquid form. SCP-3006 will lower from its dormant height of 28,000 feet and descent at a rate of 300 mph to ground level. One there, SCP-3006 will grow exponentially in order to consume and completely surround its "food ". SCP-3006 will proceed to secrete an acidic liquid made of [REDACTED]. When consuming an object, SCP-3006 will turn to a blue color. Once finished, it will turn to a green color. If enraged, it will turn a very deep red color.

If SCP-3006 comes into contact with a total 1 ton total of any liquid, it will cause a space-time anomaly equivalent to a blackhole, now known as SCP-3006-01.


The aftermath of SCP-3006-01

The only way to counteract this is use of the E.S.H satellite along with the ENOSIS - 3 satellite in order to counteract the gravitational anomaly. Blackhole instances have clocked in at 197 Gs. SCP-3006 itself can escape the influence of SCP-3006-01. Once SCP-3006-01 is created foundation personnel are to recontain SCP-3006 and deploy the above counter measures to eradicated SCP-3006-01, then the Foundation is to rebuild any damage caused, deploy mass amnestics and reclone any populous that expired during the incident.