There are many types of people in SCPF. Here are all the official ranks:

Class-D: Class-D personnel are death row inmates or inmates serving long sentences. They agree to work for the foundation as test subjects, in exchange of to be released from prison at the end of the month. However, at the end of the month they are [REDACTED]. Class-D's are usually unauthorized civilians who wanted to get in the facility.

Class-E: Class-E personnel are personnel who are a threat to the foundation, and are to be terminated as soon as possible, or debriefed or reassigned, depending on the situation. Class-E's are usually exploiters, or people who have been suspended for a short period.

Level-0: Level-0 personnel are usually low-level staff, such as Janitors or cooks. These personnel have no access to any SCP's.

Level-1: Level-1 personnel are usually interns, or assistants. These personnel have very limited access to SCP's.

Level-2: Level-2 personnel are basic members of the foundation. Usually researchers or security personnel. These personnel have more access than Level-1's.

Level-3: Level-3 personnel are members of the foundation that know what to do around there. They have more experience than the ranks below them. There have also been certain MTF members that have/had Level-3 clearance within the Foundation