Name: Psychologist Swine

Pen name: ████████

Origin: Unknown

Some say he was a reincarnated angel, born with silky mitts as a gift from the gods. He was born in ████, ██████ raised by a pack of wolves who showed sympathy when they came accross him one dark and stormy night. However, he did not turn into a feral monster as any normal being raised by barbaric creatures would. As the years passed by, his wolf-parents grew more sick each day. Until one day, his wolf-father passed away along with his wolf-mother. Before his father departed to wolf-heaven, he spoke to his child. "GO JOIN THE SCPF." his father demanded, consuming his last breath. Mr.Swine made it his legacy to find the "SCPF", it was his wolf-father's last request. Finally after an enduring six years in search, he found a SCPF enlistment program poster showing him the location to where he could enroll.


After two accomplished years of being with the Foundation, he decided he wanted to become a Psychologist. Mr.Swine was fascinated with how the brain functioned, he became hungry for knowledge. Once he acheived his goal of becoming a Psychologist, he felt a great moment of triumph. To this day, no one knows who Psychologist Swine's real name is. And it will remain that way, forever.

You've smoked way too much SCP 420-J whilst writing this. -Dr. British

Pffff, nobodies can smoke that stuff too much? I mean I can quit whenevers I wanna. You can't tell meh what to do. -Dr. Logik

Addendum: Part of this file and the staff notes are a small part of the reason why SCP-420-J is now Level-5 clearance.