Protocols Edit

SCPF has many different protocols, Some are used every day and some only for a breach of a certain type. Some (albeit few) are used when the facility is to be destroyed. Here's a list of the main ones:


Breach Edit

One of the most common protocols enacted. This protocol is called upon if a SCP breach has occured.

If it has been initiated, here is what happens:

All non-combatant personel are to report to the nearest breach shelter.

SD are to lockdown breached area.

MTF are to re-contain whichever SCP has breached containment.

Protocol UD Edit

This is very rarely enacted and means that a warhead of some type will be fired. Warheads are only used for several severe breaches and if re-containment has failed.

In protocol UD, All personnel are to report to the Nuclear shelter, which either IA or ISD or a high ranking person will have the code for.

You will then be alerted if a warhead will be fired and if one is, Which type.

Riot protocol (A & B) [No longer in use] Edit

Riot protocols are called upon if a group of Class-D are using their gamepass weapons to repetitivly kill combative personnel. Protocol A can be called upon by Agent+ while B can only be called upon by AD+(Of SD)

Protocol A: Edit

All class-D are instructed to sit at the tables, Refusal results in termination. This is done until the riot has been defused.

Protocol B: Edit

If protocol A has failed, SD AD+ May enact Riot protocol B,

All Class-D are instructed to return to their cells and remain there. Refusal result in termination. Also called "CDCZ Lockdown". If any class-D attempts to leave their cell, they are terminated.

Code Lima? Edit

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