[1] [Y/N]

[3] [Y]

[4] >> SSH-(CON)--PAR: 5.23= DATA

[5] DATA = True

[6] 1874464722193::::/|>UNLOCK = True

[7] REN}.....

[8] DIS}>


Name: Daniel [REDACTED]

Age: ██

Clearance: Level-3

D.O.B: █/█/███, ███████████, United States of America [USA].

Foundation personnel, Security Department Guard, Jr. Researcher

Can be found at: Site-7, Site-97, Site-61, Site-22, Site-79

History: Security Segeant, Daniel, Joined the foundation a very knowledgeable person on the SCP Foundation Universe. He joined as a Class-D and slowly rose through the ranks. He is now a Level-3 and is awaiting a promotion to Level-4 clearance. He was eager to join the Security department because he didn't want to be the one running things, he wanted to be the one people relied on to keep them safe, and also because he was tired of mopping up the messes left by personnel after lunch break. He likes to participate in tests and help in anyway possible. He is now in the Science Division, running tests himself.

Additional Notes: Daniel is good friends with Security Department Trainee Vladimir Bolshevik and α1 RRH Recontainment Specialist AtomicFartMushroom.

Daniel has helped run tests on various SCPs which include:

  • SCP-096 -EUCLID Note: SCP-096 is to, as of now, be designated KETER - [REDACTED]



"All SCPs have breached, sometime in the past"

"I've always wanted to join the Mobile Taske Forces Division"

"How many CDs?"

"I'll Get the rest of my uniform this weekend"


"When not running a test? BLASPHEMY!!

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