Name: Field Agent █████ Robot

Alias: Field Agent Point.

Age: ███

D.O.B: █████

Clearance: Level-3

[REDACTED] of [REDACTED] , dislikes immature personnel.

Can be found at: Site-61 and Site-97

History: Just like everyone else, Field Agent Robot started out as a Class-D in Administrator Eltork's SCPF. He normally sat there as nothing ever happens but then started to get picked. Point (Robot) was then released from his time as a death row Class-D and applied for the L-0 position. Life as a janitor was lonely as always but then he applied for Level-1 as Security, Level-2 as a Security Agent, and then Level-3 for the MTF then the [REDACTED]. Staff like him a little but Class-Ds dislike him.

Notes: Agent Point has been a Security, MTF, then an [REDACTED]. His time as an MTF has made himself give him the nickname Point, due to his accuracy and being straight to the point at times.

Quotes: "I'm sorry, you're not allowed in this area."

"I advise you not to ask me a thing about the ISD."

Addendum-1: Agent Point is normal at times but due to his work in the Military, he will get very angry at people asking how to get into the MTF, ISD, or I.A., seems to get more angry when people ask for ISD.

"So how does one get into IA? Also my friends sisters boyfriends step-brother wants to join ISD, so can you accept him?" Dr. Trololol

"He can't idiot. Also, no damn thank you" Field Agent Point

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