Name: Dr.  █████ Gold

Age: ██

Clearance: Level-3

D.O.B: ██/██/████, London.

Head Researcher

Can be found at: Site-7, Site-79, Site-61, Site-79, Site-35, and Site-97(Discontinued)

History: Many months ago Dr. Gold was once a lonely Class-D, but she found a way to write a L-0 application and was promoted. After working as a low level personnel she spent herbday usually eating frozen yogurt, drinking coffee or tea. Soon after a couple of days Dr. Rights felt a bit of hope in getting promoted again so she sent in a L-1 application and was promoted. The same cycle continues until she got to the L-3 application. She was very nervous and set it aside for a week or two, but after reading and researcher he found the perfect information and sent in the application and was promoted to L-3 security clearance.



"Told you so."

"Stop [REDACTED] about their life."

"God Speed."

"Staff Notes:"

Time for your spankings Rights. -Dr. Bright

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