Forgive me for changing the purpose of this article but I created it long ago as a place holder for any message I deemed important. That's why I never finished the O5 orientation. I am Dr. Kain Pathos Crow, Former O5-6 and long time director and caretaker of the Medical Division. It has come to my attention recently that my old AD has been removed from the director role of MD. I have not come to protest this or even recommend anyone. This is simply a message to who takes over as the new director of MD maybe even a helpful guide as to how to be liked by all within your new division. Over the 9 months that I was in either the AD, Director and Overseer position I found that you can't solely rely on yourself nor can you only rely on others. During my times as AD for example the director never did anything nor was he/she ever really really in tune with his group mates. When I eventually got director of MD I found that no matter how much you prepare for the honor you could never really be ready. When you start off you never really know what to do or you might have a few good ideas. The important thing is to listen to your fellow group mates. Somehow incorporate them into what you do to make the group better. Now that my little rant about how I directed the most important thing isn't to listen always to someone experienced. Be innovative and find a way to direct that makes everyone happy including yourself. Next I would like to discuss how to make people like you more. Nothing will ever get done if your not liked. If you like the tips I am about to give you follow them, if not just ignore them. 1. Respect everyone. This even includes CD. I often had a rule in the medical bay when I was on that a SD, MTF, ISD nor IA could pull out a gun without my permission this was to give the CD respect and let them know I could trust them. 2. Be a teacher and a student. Teach those who are under you. Everyone is in a better mood and will be more at ease to know that you went out of your way to teach. The student part however is to just listen to everyone and always take suggestions into consideration. 3. Patience. You can sometimes get into 4 conversations at once. Don't go off on anyone. Take your time and listen to them all. Lastly 4. Talk. I found that simply talking to everyone nicely is the reason that everyone respected me back. It's the thing that frequently got me into the CDC during a riot and me still being able to sit down with a few of the CD and simply be nice.

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