The Mobile Task Force (also referred to as Mobile Task Forces) is a department made up of several task forces, each with a specialized task. Each Task Force is headed by a Task Force Leader. The Mobile Task Force is seen as one of the most elite combative departments in the SCP Foundation, granted the abillity to attack Chaos Insurgency Outposts.

Task Forces Edit

There are many task forces, each needing the permission of the O5 Council to commission and decommission. Each specialize in a specific task, such as re-containment or combat. Mobile Task Forces differ in numbers due to member caps, or their specific role. Several Task Forces can be classified, due to their high security roles. Some common examples in ROBLOX include:

  • Iota-10: Enforcement of the MTF Guidelines and Code of Ethics within the Mobile Task Force
  • Beta-7: Typically seen as the least experienced re-containment task force and is often called in first during a breach, specializes in Biological Anwers solely to the O5 Council, acting as a guard unit and personal task force to the counci HI
  • -11: Skilled in re-containment and defensive combat.
  • Nu-7: Seen as the least experienced combative unit, generally seen defending the facility.
  • Sigma-9: Combat Unit specializing in offence in hostile GOIs.