=='''Science Division Code of Conduct.'''==   
'''Section 1: Dress code'''   
'''For quite some time now the dress code has been a bit lax. After much consideration it has been determined that it will be changed. It will affect all Science Department personnel, Junior Researcher to Senior Researcher.'''   
'''-Hats: Mature content is advised, immature or abnormal wear will not be permitted.'''   
'''-T-Shirts: Prohibited with the sole exclusion of level t-shirts.'''   
'''-Shirts: Lab coat- Can be found in the main groups store.'''   
'''-Pants: Lab pants- Can be found in the main groups store.'''   
'''-Faces: Mature and moderately realistic faces are to be worn while on the Science Divisions team.'''   
'''-Morphs: All morphs are prohibited'''   
'''Section 2: Speech'''   
'''Under no circumstances are Science Department personnel permitted to speak in a manner that would deem them to be severely immature and irritating. When talking attempt to be correct in grammar and sensical behavior/conversations.'''   
'''Section 3: Maturity'''   
'''Science Division personnel are to maintain maturity at all times before, during, or after a test has. Under no circumstances are Science Department personnel permitted to lower themselves to a point where their words and actions would portray an unacceptable image of the Science Division. You are still permitted to joke around once in a while.'''   
'''Section 4: CDCA (Class-D Containment Area)'''   
'''Science Department personnel are prohibited from entering the Class-D Containment Area regardless of their Security Clearance Level excluding the Overseer, Director, and Assistant Director of the Science Division.. That includes the viewing area overlooking the CDCA. Those area's are meant for combat and authorized personnel that are necessary in order to ensure that there are no issues concerning the Class-D personnel. If you are waiting to conduct a test take a seat or stand against the back wall of the CDC.'''   
'''Section 5: Tests'''   
'''S5.A: Before conducting a test it is vital that you prepare the test draft on a word manager of your choice. '''   
'''Ex. Roblox forum, Word 2012, etcetera.'''   
'''S5.B: After preparations have been set it is important that you write down as much information as possible'''   
'''Ex. Date, Site, SCP, Time, Name(s), etcetera.'''   
'''S5.C: Inform Security Department personnel that you are planning on conducting a test via radio. '''   
'''For example purposes only it should go like so.'''   
'''"This is (insert Science Division rank and username) I am requesting (insert number of Class-D personnel) Class-D personnel and (insert amount of Security Department and/or Mobile Task Force operatives) for a test on (insert SCP) classification (insert SCP classification)."'''   
'''S5:D Try to be as creative as possible with your test and test records/finishing statement.'''   
'''Section 6: SCP's'''   
'''This section will be covering the classifications of SCP's and which ranks are permitted to test on them.'''   
'''Junior Researcher: '''Safe   
Researcher: Safe-Euclid xd   
'''Senior Researcher: Safe- Keter '''   
'''(Excluding SCP's 017, 096, and 352, these three require authorization from the ScD Director or Assistant Director for safety purposes. SCP's 106 and 682 are off limits to Senior Researchers).'''   
'''Head Researcher: Safe- Keter '''   
'''(Excluding SCP's 106 and 682, these two require authorization from the Director or Assistant Director).'''   
'''Director and Assistant Director: Safe- Keter'''   
'''May test on any SCP this Foundation is in possession of.'''   
'''Overseer: [REDACTED]'''   
'''Section 7: Protection and safety nets'''   
'''In this section we will cover how many Security Department operatives (and possibly Mobile Task Force operatives) are required to conduct a test on each SCP classification. Though there are a few special exclusions, those can be found on the bottom of Section 7. '''   
'''Safe: 1-2 Security Department operatives.'''   
'''Euclid: 2-3 Security Department operatives (1 Mobile Task Force operative if requested)'''   
'''Keter: 3-4 Security Department operatives (2-3 Mobile Task Force operatives are required).'''   
'''Special exclusions'''   
'''SCP-106: 3-4 Security Department operatives (3 Mobile Task Force operatives are required).'''   
'''SCP-682: 3 Security Department operatives (2 Mobile Task Force operatives are required).'''   
'''Section 8: Spectators and Class-D personnel'''   
'''This sections will cover how many spectators and Class-D personnel each rank is permitted to have when conducting a test. Special exclusions can be found on the bottom of Section 8.'''   
'''Junior Researcher: 1 spectator, 1-2 Class-D personnel'''   
'''Researcher: 1-2 spectators, 1-3 Class-D personnel'''   
'''Senior Researcher: 1-3 spectators, 1-4 Class-D personnel'''   
'''Head Researcher: 1-4 spectators, 1-5 Class-D personnel'''   
'''Director and Assistant Director: 1-5 spectators, 1-8 Class-D personnel'''   
'''Overseer: 1-5 spectators, 1-10 Class-D personnel'''   
'''Special exclusions'''   
'''SCP-173: 1-3 spectators, 1-5 Class-D personnel'''   
'''SCP-106: 1-5 spectators, 1-4 Class-D personnel'''   
'''SCP-682: 1-4 spectators, 1-4 Class-D personnel'''   
'''SCP-049: 1-3 spectators, 1-3 Class-D personnel'''   
'''SCP-017: 1-4 spectators, 1-5 Class-D personnel'''   
'''Section 9: Emergencies'''   
'''In the rare circumstance that a breach, riot, or raid occurs before or during a test you are to withhold all tests and head to the breach shelter with your Class-D personnel in tow. If a site wide breach occurs all Class-D personnel that are taking part in your test must be terminated by on site Security, Mobile Task Force, or Rapid Response Team Operatives before you head to the breach shelter. '''   
'''If Protocol UD is put into effect all Class-D personnel outside of the CDCA are to be terminated on sight by on site Security, Mobile Task Force, or Rapid Response Team operatives.'''   
'''Section 10: Closing statement'''   
'''Now that you have been informed of the rules and regulations there is no excuse not to follow them. Anyone caught breaking even one of these rules  will receive a firm warning and a mark on their ScD records. Marks will be reset to 0 at the end of each month. 3 marks will result in a demotion, 4 will result in expulsion. This will be all for now, have a wonderful day. And remember, stay vigilant!'''   
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