Incident Report # 2-3 Edit

Object(s) involved: SCP-173, SCP-049, SCP-096


Incident catigory: Containment Breach

Incident Report:

1435: 3 Class-D personnel are retrieved,

1438: Personnel enter SCP-173 containment area.

1453: Class-D personnel enter SCP-173's containment chamber

1453: SCP-173 breaches containment due the the fact that the GOD[EXPLETIVE], sorry, the Class-D personnel looked away. All 3 Subsequently suffered fatal cervical/pelvic injuries.

1453: All personnel, 5 total staff, were killed. They somehow broke line of site.

1454: SCP-173 forces open 15 containment doors and arrives at SCP-049's Cantainment cell and breaches it.

Note: SCP-049 greets SCP-173 by name, and keeps its eyes on it and then exits the chamber.

1459: SCP-173 arrives at SCP-096's chamber and opens the door via smashing electric cables. SCP-173 then enters the general vicinity of SCP-096 and provokes the rage state. SCP-173 then relocates itself into the Light Containment Zone.

1501: Mobile Task Force Beta-7 is dipatched from Air base-15

1510: SCP-173 enters the control room and opens CDC doors but does not open the main door. SCP-173 then enters the CDC where all Class-D personnel are out of there cells.

1515: SCP-096 arrives at the CDC, it is unable to do harm to SCP-173 but terminates the Class-D Personnel for viewing its face, SCP-096 terminates the 46 Class-D Personnel.

Note: SCP-096 has a visible smile on its face.

1523: Mobile Task Force Beta-7 enters the facility and proceeds to the CDC. Beta-7 then puts SCP-173 in a reinforces steel containment box. Audible erratic trashing and scraping sounds come from the containment box. SCP-173 is recontained.

1525: SCP-096 is bagged and recontained

1535: SCP-049 is found interacting with SCP-682, SCP-682 is unconscious With a large incision on its chest. Beta-7 then tranquilizes SCP-049, confiscates its bag of liquids, closes SCP-682's containment cell and recontained SCP-049.

1548: SCP-683 heals within 13 hours, much longer than its 1-2 hour regeneration time, and regained consiousenses, Beta-7 is extracted at 1553.

Addendum A-1: SCP-173 knows about other SCP objects. It can also move at will even in line of site. This occurred once. From now on, all staff are to use caution when testing SCP-173.

Addendum A-2: SCP-096 is unable to harm SCP-173, SCP-096 is also able to show happiness as it smiled at SCP-173.

Addendum A-3: SCP-049 appears capable of knowing how SCPs work, It stared at SCP-173 to prevent harm, and it even prevented SCP-682 from self healing for 16 hours. Requesting the debriefing of SCP-049 to find out what substances it used on SCP-682.

Note: SCP-173 needs to be made KETER, like for real this is getting dangerous, it knows where SCPs are and breached them. Oh and clean the gas mask of Beta-7 unit 5, he threw up after seeing the aftermath of 096's rage. The FPs have a huge mess to clean up - O5-5.