The year is 2025 and humanity is just now learning about the foundation. Many applications come in as the Foundation regrets that they showed the world who they are; but no one cares about the Foundation so lets just get on with the story.

He was walking down the street as most of his gang members are working for the Foundation now. His name was Casey Foshee. He also wished the Foundation never showed itself as most of the people he knew are cooking the meals for our trusted Doctors. Casey had a bad background with the jobs he had, as he ended up getting his work place shot up by another gang. He sent over 20 applications for Janitor and all of them were denied. The reason is that he is a wanted man by the world, He killed many innocent people because they lived in the territory of a rival gang. As he was going to his apartment, a man with a ski-mask walks to him and asks if he would like to join a certain organization. The masked man told him about how they can get his application accepted and get him a level-4 card by a mean that they would not tell him. Casey joined that certain organization and now he is part of the Science Department.

He worked at site-7 and he loved it there. He assisted with around 15 tests with a Doctor wit ha weird name that starts with a "J" and ends with a "D". Casey recently got a call from someone mysterious but with the same voice as the masked man. The stranger told him to open 049's chamber and lead him to the E&T room. Casey did it and he nearly got caught by an O5 named Kellin. When he finally reached the E&T room, that masked man got 049 out of the Foundation and when he walked out, 6 MTFs had their gun aimed at him and took him to the class-D cells. Casey saw one of his friends and his friend called that stranger again. That stranger smuggled him out of the cells and took him to a building deep within a mountain and asked him if he would like to join the Chaos Insurgency. Casey said yes and was never seen again.