Name: Dr [REDACTED] Joseph



Clearance: Level-5


Staff Notes: Really, are you kidding me Dr Joseph? Do you really think you can get away with [REDACTED]? -[REDACTED]

How'd Joseph even go rogue that damn fast? -Dr. Logik

It was SCP-[REDACTED], yeah that SCP can make anyone go rouge... -Task Force Unit Sky


12:22: Dr.Joseph runs into a CI building with unit [REDACTED] and [REDACTED].

12:23: Dr.Joseph comes out with a lazer-type device to a CI commander's head.

12:29: Dr.Suginami drop one (1) Delta Warhead immediately destroying all surroundings.

12:40: Dr.Joseph is seen walking from the wreckage completely unharmed.

12:50: MTF [REDACTED] lands and detains Dr.Joseph.

13:00: Dr.Joseph immediately kills MTF unit [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]

13:09: MTF E-11 and Beta-7 land and detain Dr.Joseph

23:00: Dr:Joseph tricks Dr. [REDACTED] into breaching SCP-049 causing Incident 4-5.

Notes: How? I want him immediately detained and killed as soon as.... -Dr. [REDACTED] (Dr.[REDACTED was killed in a SCP-682 breach)

Addendum-1: Dr. Joseph has been detained, sedated, and given a SCP classification. He is currently held at Site-██. The containment unit requires Level-4 clearance to enter.

Addendum-2: Dr. Joseph currently has anomalous properties. The file can be accessed below:


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