Security clearance: Level - 3

Represented divisions:Scientific department.

Past history

I was in a different foundation 'till I found this one,yes,you know,I was in Boyed3's group before this one. Now if you're wondering,What happened to me? Where did he go? Should I be afraid around him?, for the last one but I'll tell you guys about how it all started.


Ahhh, the basic one. I was finally happy to get out of a cell. I knew I had no access to any of the creatures around us, but it was better than being killed by one.


Finally, literally 1 month after being a janitor for the foundation;glad I got access to an SCP, but it was 999 and I wasn't awed by it. This is the time when I joined the ScD by the way.


Still an applicant and I just sent my application for Junior. I was happy I got more access to the SCPs. For a while, I thought I'd join the Security Department, but I'd rather test on them than shoot at them.


Thank god that they finally accepted me as a Junior Researcher, I thought I'd be a level-5 and was still a Junior, but...meh; I just got a very smart assistant, I bet that he'd become a Senior Researcher and I'd become the Director. I just did my very first test! I am happy that Dr. Kondraki helped me out, by the way, Dr. Kondraki was my teacher for a while.


Oh god, I don't know what I'm going to do, I just got to be promoted to Senior and I don't know what's going to happen! I got major peer pressure and tried to do 682! I lied to my superior, I didn't even ask about testing 682, and I think that this is the end of the line.


If you're reading this,ODERp0lice,Kellin, or epicdino36023, have a wonderful day!