[Start Log]

-Code name Gizmofalcoa

Name: [Redacted]

Rp Character: Dr. Haunted Falcon

Age: [Redacted]

Date Of Birth: [Redacted]

Security clearance: Level-4

Can be found at Area 108.

Represented divisions: Medical Department, Department of External Affairs.

Rank in Divisions. Co-Director, Reporter.

Favorite SCP: 049.


CD Days: I was in CD when there was only one site site 97 I only got tested on once but got killed before I got to the test. CD was rough the cells were cramped and one CD thought I was a vampire.

Level-0 Days: Level-0 was something still only Site-97 I was a janitor not allowed to go any where but constantly eploiters broke the site soon after a while I ranked up to Level-1.

Level-1 Days: Level-1 was something I could finally join a divisions so I joined the medical department after I joined medical divisions I started to do  checkups on people and not long after I was promoted in the medical division and I got accepted into Level-2.

Level-2 Days: Level-2 was great I thought I could finally go more places still only Site-97 and My MD career was great I was moving up in the world!

Level-3 Days: Level-3 was the longest of my time I was level-3 for over 4 months and It changed my perspective of how I think of the foundation I changed divisions a lot in Level-3 but I stuck with MD and soon after I ranked up in MD so Co-Director. The divisions I went into and left were Ethics Department, Security Department, E&T Department, Manufacturing Department. The ones I kept with were Medical Department, Mobile Task Force.

Level-4 Days: [REDACTED]


Never give up just try harder I achieved many things without giving up -Dr. Haunted.

[End Log]