Name: Dr.  ████

Age: ██

Clearance: ████

D.O.B: ██/██/████, █████.

Director of ███████████ ██████

Can be found at: Site-7, Site-79, Site-61, Site-17.

Personal Biography:

I am the Director of the new, official █.█. placed at Site-██.

I am going to refirmish what they do, the maturity, everything there.

Hell, might even get SiD. 

Dr. ████. Assigned by the Administrator, placed mainly at Site-██.

***This is THE OFFICIAL Dr. Clef. Any other "Dr. Cleff's" are fake. If you have any questions, anything you need, STRICTLY NOT CLASSIFIED OR REDACTED, PM me about it and surely I will respond.Edit

Thank you for reading my Bio.

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