Name: [REDACTED] Cheers


Clearance: Level-3



  • ScD: Researcher.
  • MD: Practitioner.

Can be found at: Area-108, Site-79, Site-61, Site-34

History:  Originally working at Site-61, before being transferred to Area-108. Old records show him working at Site-34, before a unfortunate SCP-008 outbreak, the site was taken over by GOC. At his arrival at the foundation. Cheers showed sheer fear of the foundation. As he climbed the ranks, his fears grew less. And he managed to overcome them. Currently, he now works at Area-108, as a MD and ScD member.

Additional Notes:  N/A


"Why are the CDs always retarded?"

"The coffee from 294 seems to have a different taste, or my tongue is just not awake."

"S-3 gives me the creeps."

"When will the E&T start announcing the light testing? I nearly spat my drink out when the lights went out."

"If one SCP scares me, its the statuething."