Name: Dr.Kinny █████

Age: ██

Clearance: Level-3


Divisions: ScD and Manufacturing Department.

Previous Divisions: SD, MD and DEA

Junior Researcher (This is just getting stupid now...)

Can be found at: ARF-108.

History: Little is known of Dr.Kinny's history. He tends to keep it secret. The few things that are known is that he has been in SCPF for over a Year and a few months, has always wanted the rank of Head Researcher and has an ability to be kicked from Divisions for being inactive even when he is active the day before. He also has the ability to stay a Level-3 for a Year and a few months and not get noticed by any O5's.

Old Appearance: Wears goggles, suit, a Black air filtering mask over his face and Blond hair.

Appearance: Wears an Socialite, a suit, a white tragedy Mask and has Black Hair.

Additional Notes: Dr.Kinny (kinny09) has been in SCPF for over a year and 3 months. He has persuaded MrPackerAnderson to join and taught him the basics of SCPF. He has been active for most of his SCPF carer. He used to be friends with Dr.British (JustBritish) Before he retired and has made friends with many others since then. Although he is for the most part unnoticed he has still played an important role in old SCPF.


"All you have to do to destroy the world it project SCP-096's face on the moon, but no one would do that would they."-Dr.Kinny

"Before anyone asks me yes I am the one that puts cows in cups and drinks them. I use SCP-294."-Dr.Kinny

"May I ask again why Lieutenant Holman does not like me??"-Dr.Kinny

"When I was put on orientation duty for the recruits I showed them my Cow in a Cup. After that my superior quickly put me back on testing duty."-Dr. Kinny

I remember Kinny being a Class-E not too long ago. Can someone explain why he got to L-3 so quickly? -Dr. Logik

I stole your cookie. I did not eat it. It is probably with an SCP by now. You will never find it again.-Dr. Packer