SCPF ignores Dr.Death for some reason in fact in a way of SCP 173 test. He have to make sure that [REDACTED] have to be ready that have to recontain the SCP or the SCP will stay semi-breach in worse a breach can happen.


When Dr.Death was level 0 he was a [REDACTED] which means the other divisions mostly doesn't allow him to spectate once. Most of the time he can only [REACTED].


This is the first time Dr.████ allows Dr.Death to spectate a single test. Mostly he can put down notes as SCP how it works during the test or the Class-D have to [REDACTED] to the SCP

Note: We don't allow to put down the whole thing happens to the SCP or anything eles


Dr.Death is finally can run tests such as safe SCPS. He mostly lets almost all [REDACTED] to spectate the test of what happened to the Class-D.

Note: Dr.Death is never Level-3 - Level-5 before please don't ask why there isn't Level-3 also we don't allow to put down all the happening or the level.

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