Name: Lieutenant Holman

Age: ██

Clearance: Level-4

D.O.B: █/█/██, ██████, Britain

Security Lieutenant, Board of Directors.

Can be found at: Site-61, Site-97.

History: Lieutenant Holman first joined the Foundation when it was originally formed under the current Administrator. He joined the Science Division, and quickly became a Junior Researcher. He had experience with SCP objects, due to many long hours of reading SCP pages and watching containment breach footage. Lieutenant Holman was one of the first members of the Ethics Committee, and remains in the Committee to this day. After a short time in the Science Division, he turned his attention towards the Security Division, and quickly rose through the ranks to become Sergeant, then Lieutenant.

Additional Notes: Lieutenant Holman is known to be laid back when outside of training, and this has caused him to have clashes with other departments, most notably the Mobile Task Forces and Intelligence Agency. He has apologised for his actions. He blames stress.

Quotes: "I cast fist!"

"MTF are just SD who left for a bigger gun."

"Get your arse to training."

"Security Division, if you can't make it here you sure as hell can't make it anywhere else."

"I refuse to work with Dr. Kinny, he is a liability to us all. How the hell does he even put a cow in a cup? That should be an SCP itself!" -Lieutenant Holman

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