Note: This is the only time Dr. Logik has held a D-Class orientation. Currently, Dr. [REDACTED] holds the Class-D orientations.

Hello! Welcome, welcome. Now, please sit down. Please-can you all just stop talking? Can we-He-hello? Are you listening? Hello-Hey! Stop talking. I mean it. Now. Can we all just stop-

Ugh. That's it.

  • POW*


Good. Sorry I had to do that. I'll just put my gun away.

Now. Hello, everybody! I am Dr. Logik. Now, you may be wondering where you are. Classified. And why you are here. That is also classified.

But first, I have a question.

Who here just joined the group just to get inside the facility?


Wow. That's quite a lot of you.

Um, anyway. How many of you actually know the lore, and what Class-D's are?


Well. At least not all of you are clueless.

And-Yes? What do you want? Sir, can you sit down? S-sir-

Hm? Oh. He's a guest? Right. Yes, I know guests can't see chat. They're idiots.

Would it be unethical to terminate a Class-D because he's a guest?


Alright then. Guard, can you put that idiot back in his place?


  • BLAM*


There we go.

Now that that's done with, we can get to the point.

Now, you, Class-D personnel, are test subjects. You are to comply with ALL INSTRUCTIONS. Understood? Disobeying will get you nowhere.

Try escaping, you'll be gunned down instantly. Refuse to leave your cell, we will use force.

You will have regular shower periods and and lunch breaks. You will be given your own cell too. It will have a bed, toilet, and sink. All the things you need.

Got it? Good. Any questions?

You, in the back with the afro. Will you die? Well, no. That's highly unlikely. These tests are dangerous, sure, but they will be perfectly safe if you do as we say.

Ah, you, with the Archie-style hair. You're what? You want to walk around? No. That's only when you are being escorted to a test chamber, or at lunch.

You, with the stormtrooper hat. Is this a jail? No. We are a form of research facility. You're very welcome.

You there, with the nooby pal hair. No, you are not here forever. At the end of the month, if you have complied with all instructions, you will be released. Simple.

Everyone got it? Yes?


Now hit the showers, you smell like you've got massive B.O on ya.

Ahhhhhh, what did I say? You better keep your gun loaded at all times now, because I will look for you, I will find you, and I will [REDACTED]. -Dr. British

British, two things. One, I don't do this anymore. Two, unless you can't read the note at the top, it clearly states that I did this one time. You need to relax. -Dr. Logik

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