(Also, I give atomic credit for the idea of making a page dedicated to a WIP site)


Ok, before we get started with the features here, I want you all to know something important. This Area is based off of SCP-354, a SCP that hasn't been featured yet. Please, read it, it's my favorite SCP.


Info: Area-354 will feature a wide variety of unseen SCP's in the ROBLOX genre. I will accept any requested SCP's (For now) until I'm sure that I can halt the development of SCP's themselves. This game also is inspired by SCP: CB, but not all rooms can be seen in the game. I plan on this project to take at least 6 months to be semi-functional. I'm working on scripting as of now, but here's some pictures of what's been done so far. This Area is located in Canada.

Help: If your interested in helping, PM me (Lightningful). I would like some help building ANY SCP's, and of course I'd give you credit.

RobloxScreenShot03052016 190720655
RobloxScreenShot03052016 190733348

This picture is of the entrance to the area, notice that the observation windows are accessible.

RobloxScreenShot03052016 190747405

This screenshot shows the inside of one of the observation decks, which is where the SCP Personnel will spawn.

This is the entrance into the rooms above. CI and other GOI can access the facility from here. NOTE: The walls and the white parts are there because this area is located in Canada, and this site is inside of a mountain. The white is snow.

Development Team:

Lightningful (Head Developer)

Patias (Builder/Scripter)

xExonious (Builder)

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