Name: Ludo 

Age: ██

Clearance: O5 council

D.O.B: █/█/██, ██████, Quebec.

Head Developer, Security Division Overseer.

Can be found at: Site-108.

History: Agent Ludo joined the Foundation owned by former Administrator Boyed a few months before the Rebellion. He was a Class-D personnel, with little to no knowledge on SCP objects, but soon became a Level-3 clearance Security Guard. He followed the former O5-X Eltork when he created his own Foundation. He became the first Intelligence Agency of the new foundation, but got blackmailed by Dr. Brights, a rogue personnel. He came back to Security Division and became the Captain of the former SD Director, Deltapayback. After Deltapayback got replaced by BossOfArma3, he was promoted to Assistant-Director. After being found involved in a semi-rebellion and demoted to the Trainee rank, he joined MTF as a member of Alpha-1 and the Ethics Committee. After a while, he got in the Rapid Response Team and finally got a Level-4 clearance, then a Level-5 clearance. After a few months, he got back as the Alpha-1 Task Force Leader and the Head Developer of the Manufacturing Department. He joined the scientists in their quest of knowledge, and tried to climb the ladder. This is the moment he was handpicked to be a member of the Council. He is a wise soldier, who'se advices are often listened and followed.

Additional Notes: He is a loyal member to the Administrator and he won't hesitate to follow orders. Once recontained SCP-017, SCP-96 and SCP-173 alone in 13 minutes, dying once. 


'' No worries, brother. ''

'' Hey Sean-pai! ''

'' We all deserve a second chance. ''

'' ... '' -He was in the RRT godamnit!

'' Ye. ''

Addendum: Do not play with him. He is a savage. - Director ██████