Director Crotonix Edit


Name: ████ Frost

Alias: Director Crotonix

Age: ██

Date of Birth: ██ / ██ / ███

Security Clearance: Level-3

Divisions: Director, Internal Security Department

Past Divisions: Security Department [Trainee], Mobile Task Force [Beta-7, Nu-7 TFL], Science Division [Junior Researcher].

Past history: Director Crotonix joined the SCPF in late December of 2015. He had a brief experience as Class-D before sending in his application for L-0 and getting accepted. He spent his time as Level-0 exploring Site-7 and marveling at how complex it was, or so he thought. 2 days later, Crotonix sent in his Level-1 application, and was accepted. He toured around the now-accesible LCZ in Site-7, to see how it was. After all the exploring, he sent in his SD application, and was accepted. Crotonix attended trainings and such, but stayed as Trainee.

The big chance came when his Level-2 application was accepted. It was then he tried out for Beta-7, and passed. (mmm thanks Mbeck) He spent his time containing 173, and other SCPs. (ill miss containing you 173) After a few days as Beta-7, Crotonix sent in his Level-3 application and was accepted. Then the big changes came.

After a few more weeks as Beta-7, Crotonix recieved a PM on Skype regarding Nu-7, asking if he wanted to be the new Nu-7 TFL. He accepted, and was in that position for a few days. While Crotonix was patrolling Site-97, Executive Director KeIIin asked him to step into his office. He was then invited to join ISD, and accepted the position.

That brings us to today, where you can see Director Crotonix f███g s██t up at all of the SCPF Sites!

Notes: You will often find Director Crotonix hiding in a corner obsessing over his 50 Cal. Sniper. I wouldn't go near him though, he might get startled. They had to call the janitor the last time someone startles him...


Call in the next 10 minutes and recieve 10 extra SCP-420-J's absolutely free! Fun for the whole family! -Director Crotonix

Duuuuuude, SCP-420-J is soo raaaaddd... -Director Crotonix

CI WILL FEAR MY 50 CAL!!!! -Director Crotonix

Staff Notes

Hey mate, sorry about the whole 'obsessing over weaponry' thing. The memetic was supposed to make Directors better with handling guns; I didn't know you'd stick your ███ in the barrel. -Director Doubt

I thought Dr. Suginami nuked that footage? How the ███ did you get your hands on it? YOU READY TO FEEL THE WRATH OF MY .50 CAL?! -Director Crotonix

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